Course 132.551 & 3391.506:

Computational Models of Intelligence (2009)

Computational Neuroscience (2009)


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·          Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Science / Brain Science, Seoul National University

·          Instructor: Prof. Byoung-Tak Zhang

·          TA:

  • Eun-Seok Lee (Office: 16-M423, Tel: 02-871-7140)
  • Bon-Woong Ku (Office: 138-409, Tel: 02-880-5890)

·          Classroom: 024-211

·          Time: 10:00~13:00, Thu.


·          Objectives

  • To understand the neural basis of cognition and intelligence
  • To study the cognitive neuroscience of learning and memory
  • To simulate cognitive learning and memory using


·          Textbook

  • [MM] Memory: From Mind to Molecules, L. R. Squire and E. R. Kandel, 2009.
  • [CM] Cortex and Mind: Unifying Cognition, J. M. Fuster, Oxford University Press, 2003.


·          References

  • [NLM] The Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, J. W. Rudy, Sinauer, 2008.
  • [TIN] Topics in Integrative Neuroscience: From Cells to Cognition, 2008.


·           Evaluation

  • Two take-home exams (50%)
  • One mini-project (software provided) report (30%)
  • Presentation and participation in discussion (20%)


·          Projects: TBA

·           Schedule





12, March

Cortex and Mind - Introduction [CM Ch. 1]

남진석 (PPT)

From Mind to Molecules [MM Ch. 1]

윤웅창 (PPT)

Modifiable Synapses for Nondeclarative Memory [MM Ch. 2]

박혜임 (PPT)

19, March

Molecules for Short-Term Memory [MM Ch. 3]

Waqas Sultani (PPT)

김정은 (PPT)

Cortical Dynamics of Working Memory

[IBM Research's Almaden Institute Conference on Cognitive Computing]

Joaquin Fuster (PPT)

26, March

Declarative Memory [MM Ch. 4]

작가멧 (PPT)

남기훈 (PPT)

Brain Systems for Declarative Memory [MM Ch. 5]

최원희 (PPT)

송동길 (PPT)

Xavier Punithan (PPT)

2, April

A Synaptic Storage Mechanism for Declarative Memory [MM Ch. 6]

이지훈 (PPT)

김권일 (PPT)

From Short-Term Memory to Long-Term Memory [MM Ch. 7]

구본웅 (PPT)

전희정 (PPT)

9, April

Priming, Perceptual Learning, and Emotional Learning [MM Ch. 8]

김민경 (PPT)

김권현 (PPT)

Umer Fareed (PPT)

Memory for Skills, Habits, and Conditioning [MM Ch. 9]

김현우 (PPT)

이은석 (PPT)

23, April

Memory and the Biological Basis of Individuality [MM Ch. 10]


Take-Home Exam 1 (download)


신홍섭 (PPT)

김재익 (PPT)

30, April

Project Assignment

From Brain Dynamics to Consciouness

[IBM Research's Almaden Institute Conference on Cognitive Computing]

Gerald Edelman (PPT)

7, May

Neurobiology of Cortical Networks [CM Ch. 2]

윤웅창 (PPT)

남진석 (PPT)

작가멧 (PPT)

Functional Architecture of Cognition [CM Ch. 3]

이지훈 (PPT)

김권일 (PPT)

14, May

Perception [CM Ch. 4]

신홍섭 (PPT)

최원희 (PPT)

Memory [CM Ch. 5]

김민경 (PPT)

Xavier (PPT)

21, May

Attention [CM Ch. 6]

송동길 (PPT)

김권현 (PPT)

Language [CM Ch. 7]

김정은 (PPT)

박혜임 (PPT)

Video1, Video2

 Sultani (PPT)

28, May

Intelligence [CM Ch. 8]

김재익 (PPT)

남기훈 (PDF)

Fareed (PPT)

4, June

Take-Home Exam 2 (download)




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