You have performed a large-scale genome-wide search for the gene for the inherited disorder Bioinformatosis. Initial analyses have identified one region with significant results, flanked by the markers D21S260 ? D21S262. There are many genes mapping within this region, one of which is particularly interesting, superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1).

1. What is the cytogenetic location of SOD1 (and hence, at least part of the region of interest)? 
2. How large is the region D21S260-D21S262 in cM?
3. What polymorphic markers can you identify in this region (that you might use to try to narrow the region)?
    Choose 6 of these polymorphic markers.

4. What STS markers have been developed for SOD1? What are their map positions on the Human Transcript Map (GeneMap 99)?
   Hint) Looking up SOD1 in GeneMap 99 shows that there are at least 4 STS markers for SOD1. Write the names of 4STS markers.

5. What other genes are in this region?

6. Has the region including the SOD1 gene been sequenced? What contigs and/or clones contain SOD1?

7. Have orthologous regions been identified in any other species?

8. Have mutations in SOD1 been associated with any diseases other than Bioinformatosis?