Week 6.1 (Wed., ): Term Project Assignments

1st draft: May 2, 2003 (5 pages)

More references can be found and taken from Byoung-Hee Kim at Room 301-419. 

Molecular Computational Modeling of Neuromodulation

Introductory articles

[1] Marder, E., Thirumalai, V., Cellular, synaptic and network effects of neuromodulation, Neural Networks, 15(4-6), 479-494, 2002.

[2] Doya, K., Metalearning and neuromodulation, Neural Networks, 15(4-6), 495-506, 2002.

Topic 1: Reinforcement Learning in Neurons

[1] Suri, R.E., TD models of reward predictive responses in dopamine neurons, Neural Networks, 15(4-6), 523-534, 2002.

Topic 2: Olfactory Bulb Modeling

[1] Linster, C. and Cleland, T.A., Cholinergic modulation of sensory representation in the olfactory bulb, Neural Networks, 15(4-6), 709-718, 2002.

Topic 3: Working Memory Modeling

[1] Dreher, J.-C. and Burnod, Y., An integrative theory of the phasic and tonic modes of dopamine modulation in the prefrontal cortex, Neural Networks, 15(4-6), 583-602, 2002.

Molecular Computational Modeling of Language Processing

Topic 1: Language Games

- The word game

- Variants of it

Topic 2: Morphological processing

- Past tense acquition of English

Topic 3: Syntactic processing

- Phrase structure construction by DNA self-assembly

Molecular Computational Modeling of Biomolecular Networks

For references see: http://cbit.snu.ac.kr/ => Weekly Seminar

Topic 1: Genetic Networks

Topic 2: Signaling Networks

Topic 3: Metabolic Networks