Course 4541.676
Hypernetwork Models of Learning and Memory

(Artificial Neural Networks)



School of Computer Science and Engineering,
Seoul National University


    Prof. Byoung-Tak Zhang


    Ho-Sik Seok (hsseok at, Tel: 02-880-1847, Room: 301-419)




    Tue, 13:00 ~ 14:15 and Thur, 13:00 ~ 14:15


- To review the cognitive neuroscience of human memory and learning

- To understand the biological mechanisms underlying memory and learning

- To learn the mathematics of information theory and machine learning

- To understand the recently-developed hypernetwork models of memory

- To simulate cognitive learning and memory models by the hypernetworks

- To design improved learning algorithms for hypernetworks based on information theory


Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms
David, J. C. MacKay, Cambridge University Press, 2004 [M-04].



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[Ch. 2][Ch. 5][Ch.8]-Black and white version[Ch. 2bw][Ch. 5bw][Ch. 8bw]

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- One term project [Document]

Data sets for the term project [Data1][Data2](Option)

Due to Dec. 12

- Presentation of a paper

- List of papers to choose

- One exam

- Dec. 5

- Score



New class material

Project materials

Homework & A supplementary lecture





  • Course Schedule



    Learning and Memory: Human and Machine


   Cognitive Science of Human Memory: Some Facts

[GIM-02, Ch. 8]

    Neurobiological Basis for Learning and Memory

[GIM-02, Ch.2][K-06]

    Learning and Memory in Computers


    Information Theory of Learning and Memory


    Probability, Entropy, and Inference

[M-04, Ch. 2]

    Data Compression

[M-04, Ch. 4]

    Noisy-Channel Coding

[M-04, Chs. 8 & 9]

Assignment: Paper Reading and Presentation

Hypernetwork Models of Memory

[Hypernet memory1]

[Hypernet memory2]

[Hypernet memory3]

 Graphs, Random Graphs, Hypergraphs


     Hypernetworks: Formal Definition


Hypernetworks and Graphical Models


Hypernetworks and Kernel Machines


  Molecular Computation of Hypernetworks


[Ch. 5 molecular computation]

    DNA Encoding of Hypernetworks


    Molecular Operations for Library Manipulation


    Information Storage and Retrieval


    Term Project (Stage 1): Pattern Recognition with Hypernetworks

    Localist Memory Models and Their Learning

[Localist Memory Models1]

[Localist Memory Models2]

[Localist Memory Models3]

    Parzen Windows


    K-NN and K-Means Methods

[M-04, Ch. 20]

    Kernel Machines   

[M-04, Ch. 45]       

    Globalist Memory Models and Their Learning


Hopfield Networks

[M-04, Chs. 31 & 42]

Boltzmann Machines

[M-04, Ch. 43]

Bayesian Networks

[M-04, Ch. 21]


Term Project (Stage 2): Pattern Recall with Hypernetworks

Learning Algorithms for Hypernetworks

Random Graph Processes


Bayesian Algorithms for Learning and Evolution

[M-04, Ch. 22][ZM-93]

Occams Razor

(IT Ch. 28, [ZM-93])

Project Presentations

    Variants, Extensions, and Refinements

Unsupervised Learning Hypernets


Supervised Learning Hypernets


Comparison to Other Learning Algorithms

[M-04, Chs. 38-46]


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