Course 4541.676
Cognitive Machine Learning (Artificial Neural Networks)



School of Computer Science and Engineering,
Seoul National University


   Prof. Byoung-Tak Zhang



(Tel: 02-872-5127, Rm. 410, Bldg. 138)




    Mon, 13:00 ~ 14:15 and Wed, 13:00 ~ 14:15


- To learn the findings in cognitive science of human learning and memory
- To understand the biological basis for cognitive learning and memory
- To discuss the importance of cognitive plausibility of machine learning
- To understand the hypernetwork approach to cognitive machine learning
- To simulate cognitive learning and memory models by hypernetworks
- To design improved learning algorithms for cognitive hypernetworks


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Other references

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- Term project (30%)
- Two take-home exams (40%)
- Presentations (20%)
- Participation in discussion (10%)




 2008-12-08 Additional lecture notes were uploaded.


Slide file for mid-term survey


Midterm Exam Scores and Best Answers by Students



?  Course Schedule




9/1 (Mon)

Chapter 1: Introduction

?   History of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

?   Human-Level AI and Artificial General Intelligence

?   Towards Human-Level Machine Learning

  Lecture Note

9/3 (Wed)
9/8 (Mon)

Chapter 2: Cognitive Memory and Learning

?   Characteristics of Human Memory and Learning

?   Organization of Human Memory

?   Theories of Human Learning

?   Principles of Cognitive Learning

 Lecture Note

9/10 (Wed)

9/15 (Mon)



Chapter 3: Biological Basis of Learning and Memory

?   Synaptic Learning and Memory

?   Cell Assemblies for Learning and Memory

?   Neural Substrate for Conjunctions and Schemata

Lecture Note 

9/17 (Wed)

Chapter 4: Hypernetwork Models of Memory

?   Graphs, Random Graphs, and Hypergraphs

?   Hypernetworks: A Mathematical Definition

?   Hypernetworks as a Multimodal Recall Memory

?   Continuity, Glocality, and Compositionality

Lecture Note 

9/22 (Mon)

Chapter 5: Molecular Computation of Hypernetworks

?   DNA Computing and Self-assembly

?   Self-assemblying Hypernetworks

?   Molecular Mind and Hyperinteractionism

Lecture Note 

9/24 (Wed)

Chapter 6: Learning Algorithms for Hypernetworks

?   Directed Evolution and Evolutionary Computation

?   Molecular Evolutionary Algorithms

?   Learning by Evolutionary Hypernetworks

Lecture Note 

9/29 (Mon)

Chapter 7: Linguistic Hypernetworks

?   Movie and Drama Corpus

?   Linguistic Recall Memory Experiments

?   Hypernetworks as Language Models

Lecture Note 

9/29 (Mon)

Term Project Assignment

<Original version>/<Updated version>


10/1 (Wed)

 10/6 (Mon)

10/8 (Wed)

10/13 (Mon)

10/15 (Wed)

10/20 (Mon)

Excursion 1: Seminar on Human Memory


10/20 (Mon)

Take-Home Exam on Human Memory


10/22 (Wed)


10/29 (Wed)

11/3 (Mon)

11/5 (Wed)

11/10 (Mon)

Excursion 2: Seminar on Human Learning


11/12 (Wed)

Chapter 8: Visual Hypernetworks

?   AI and Mental Imagery

?   Identifying Visual Words

?   Visual Recall Memory Experiments

Lecture Note 

11/17 (Mon)

Take-Home Exam on Human Learning


11/19 (Wed)

Chapter 9: Language-Vision Crossmodal Hypernetworks

?   Multimodal Memory Game (MMG)

?   Language Generation Game

?   Visual Imagery Game

Lecture Note 

11/24 (Mon)

Chapter 10: Lifelong Learning Hypernetworks

?   Multisensory Integration with Hypernetworks

?   Episodic Memory and Lifelogging

?   Hypernetwork Memory of Everyday Life

?   The Quest for the Lifeome

11/26 (Wed)

Chapter 11: Implementations and Extensions

?   In vivo and in vitro Implementations

?   In silico Implementations

?   Multisensory Hypernetworks

?   Hypernetworks of Hypernetworks

Lecture Note 

12/1 (Mon)

12/3 (Wed)

Term Paper Presentations


12/8 (Mon)

Chapter 12: Towards Human-Level Learning

?   Science

?   Applications and Technology

?   Outlook

Lecture Note 

12/10 (Wed)




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