Course 132.650:
Studies in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Process (2008)


  • Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Science, Seoul National University
  • Instructor: Prof. Byoung-Tak Zhang
  • TA: Eun Seok Lee (Room: 16-M423, Tel: 871-7140)
  • Classroom: 301-101
  • Time: Thr 10:00-13:00


  • Objectives
    • To understand what cognitive approaches have revealed about human intelligence in general and human language processing in particular
    • To study how human intelligence comprehends and acquires language
    • To investigate the neurobiological basis of words and sentences, i.e. how language is organized in the human brain
    • To develop cognitively-plausible computational models of language learning and understanding
    • To have a perspective on the next generation technology for artificial intelligence and machine learning


  • Texts

1.       [CI] R. J. Sternberg and J. E. Pretz (Eds.) Cognition and Intelligence: Identifying the Mechanisms of the Mind, Cambridge University Press, 2005                

2.       [PL] D. W. Carroll, Psychology of Language, Thomson Wadsworth, 2008.

3.       [NL] F. Pulvermueller, The Neuroscience of Language: On Brain Circuits of Words and Serial Order, Cambridge University Press, 2002.

  • Supplements

4.       R. Pfeifer and J. Bongard, How the Body Shapes the Way We Think: A New View of Intelligence, MIT Press, 2007.

5.       B.-T. Zhang, Hypernetworks: A Molecular Evolutionary Architecture for Cognitive Learning and Memory, IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, vol. 3, no. 3, August 2008.

  • Evaluation:
    • Attendance (5%)
    • Presentations (50%)
    • Two term papers (40%)
    • Participation in discussion (5%)

  • Schedule



Week 01: Neurobiological bases of intelligence (CI: Ch.1, 2, 3, 4)

Ch.01. Information Processing and Intelligence

by Earl Hunt

Ch.02. Mental Chronometry and the Unification of Differential Psychology

by Arthur R. Jensen

Ch.03. Reductionism versus Charting

by Lazar Stankov

Ch.04. Basic Information Processing and the Psychophysiology of Intelligence

by Aljoscha C. Neubauer and Andreas Fink


Ch.02: ̻

Ch.03: 庴Ź

Ch.04: ۵

Week 02: Higher-order cognition and intelligence (CI: Ch.5, 6, 7, 8)

Ch.05. The Neural Bases of Intelligence

by Sharlene D. Newman and Marcel Adam Just

Ch.06. The Role of Working Memory in Higher-Level Cognition

by David Z. Hambrick, Michael J. Kane, and Randall W. Engle

Ch.07. Higher-Order Cognition and Intelligence

by Edward Necka and Jaroslaw Orzechowski

Ch.08. Ability Determinants of Individual Differences in Skilled Performance

by Phillip L. Ackerman

Ch.05: ΰ

Ch.06: ¿



Week 03: Unifying cognition and intelligence (CI: Ch.9, 10, 11, 12)

Ch.09. Complex Problem Solving and Intelligence

by Dorit Wenke, Peter A. Frensch, and Joachim Funke

Ch.10. Intelligence as Smart Heuristics

by Markus Raab and Gerd Gigerenzer

Ch.11. The Role of Transferable Knowledge in Intelligence

by Susan M. Barnett and Stephen J. Ceci

Ch.12. Reasoning Abilities

by David F. Lohman

Ch.09: ¿

Ch.10: ̻

Ch.11: ۵

Ch.12: ΰ

Week 04: Lessons for artificial intelligence (CI: Ch.13, 14, 15, 16)

Ch.13. Measuring Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence

by Susan E. Embretson

Ch.14. Marrying Intelligence and Cognition

by Mike Anderson

Ch.15. From Description to Explanation in Cognitive Aging

by Timothy A. Salthouse

Ch.16. Unifying the Field: Cognition and Intelligence

by Jean E. Pretz and Robert J. Sternberg

Ch.13: ̻


Ch.15: ֿ

Ch.16: ۵

Week 05: Words in the brain (NL: Ch.1, 2, 3, 4)

Ch.01. A Guide to the Book

Ch.02. Neuronal Structure and Function

Ch.03. From Classic Aphasia Research to Modern Neuroimaging

Ch.04. Words in the Brain


Ch.01: ۵

Ch.02: ¿

Ch.03: μ

Ch.04: ΰ

Week 06: Neuronal grammar and algorithms (NL: Ch.8, 9, 10, 11)

Ch.08: ̻


Ch.10: ¿



Week 07: Term paper presentations


Week 08: Cognitive memory for words (PL: Ch.5)


Week 09: Cognitive memory for sentences and discourse (PL: Ch.6, 7)



Week 10: Cognitive learning of early language (PL: Ch.10)

Ch.10: ̻

Week 11: Cognitive learning of later language (PL: Ch.11)


Week 12: Cognitive processes of language acquisition (PL: Ch.12)

Ch.12: ΰ

Week 13: Biological foundations of language (PL: Ch.13)

Ch.13: ¿

Week 14: Language, culture, and cognition (PL: Ch.14)

Ch.14: ۵


Week 15: Term paper presentations



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