WebAgencies: Enabling Organizational Gracefully Agile Information Systems (GRAIS*)

Carl E. Hewitt

MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab

October 24, 2000 11:00 am

We are in the midst of an organizational information systems quagmire greatly in
need of more Graceful Agile Information Systems (GRAIS), i.e., organizational in
formation systems for gracefully responding effectively to continual rapid unant
icipated change.  The most promising vehicle for the development of GRAIS is the
emerging Web Platform (i.e., SOAP, P2P, WSDL, etc.) because it is "programmable"
in ways that are not standard in the current hyperlink-based multi-media Web.
   In this decade, the Web Platform stands to become the universal information s
ystems platform subsuming and supplanting previous distributed systems technolog
ies, e.g., DCOM, CORBA, Java RMI, etc.  Almost all new software will be written 
directly for the Web Platform or in support of the Web Platform.  Almost all new
IT hardware will be used to support the Web Platform or to provide interfaces fo
r it.  Currently the Web Platform is being developed primarily for business inte
gration services.  The emerging Web Platform must be extended in order to meet n
eeds for organizational GRAIS.
   This talk introduces WebAgencies and describes their capabilities. WebAgencie
s are dynamically tailored (both created and evolved) Web building blocks provid
ing means for organizations to develop and manage graceful agile information sys
tems in order to respond effectively to continual rapid unanticipated change.

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