DMiner-I: Data Mining Tool and Its Application

Prof. Jie Yang

Institute of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Shanghai Jiaotong University

2002. 11. 1

A software tool for data mining (DMiner-I) is introduced, which integrates pattern recognition (PCA, Fisher, clustering, HyperEnvelop, regression), artificial intelligence (knowledge representation, decision trees), statistical learning (rough set, support vectormachine), computational intelligence (neural network, genetic algorithm, fuzzy systems). It consists of nine function models: pattern recognition, decision trees, association rule, fuzzy rule, neural network, genetic algorithm, HyperEnvelop, support vector machine, visualization. The principle, algorithms and knowledge representation of some function models of data mining are presented. Nonmontony in data mining is dealt with by concept hierarchy and layered mining. The software tool of data mining is realized by Visual C++ under Windows 2000. The software tool of data mining has been satisfactorily applied in the prediction of regularities of the formation of ternary intermetallic compounds in alloy systems, and diagnosis of brain glioma.


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