Post-genomic applications of DNA chips

황승용 교수님

한양대학교 분자생명과학부

2004. 11. 11



The genome sequencing project has generated and will continue to generate enormous amounts of sequence data.  Since the first complete genome sequence of bacterium Haemophilus influenzae was published in 1995, the complete genome sequences of more than 200 organisms have been determined.  With sequencing data accumulating so rapidly, many researchers are entering the next phase of genome projects in which they functionally analyze sequence and other relevant data.  However functional informations obtained by using classical techniques are too slow to keep up the speed of sequencing data. To reduce the gaps between sequence data and functional informations, more sophisticated methods of expression analysis have to be developed.  Since the early 1990's there has been a growing hope that miniaturization of benchtop laboratory techniques will be achieved through the marriage of molecular biology and microelectronics and so revolutionize life science.  Therefore, new methodology, so called DNA microarray (or DNA chip), has recently developed to allow rapid quantitation of expression levels of many genes in parallel.  This technology is able to allow changes in expression to be detected as a function of cell type, tissue source, physiological state or genetic background.  Therefore, DNA chip can be a powerful tool for human disease research, whereby a sample of blood or a biopsy from a human would provide a source of mRNA for monitoring gene expression.  In this presentation, I will discuss current developments of the DNA chip technologies and how this technology might facilitate in many aspects of biotechnology.


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