Development and Application of Aptamer-Based Biochip System

Dr. Sung-Chun Kim

GenoProt Inc., Korea

2005. 4. 1


We are developing next-generation proteomics technology based on protein signatures-unique patterns that can be analyzed using simple blood tests and that can distinguish between disease and health with unprecedented accuracy. We use its unique aptamer-based array technology and bioinformatics capabilities to discover disease-specific biomarkers and protein signatures. Using a simple blood test, clinicians will have the information to transform medical practice and make a real difference in people's lives. The approach can be applied across a broad spectrum of clinical challenges faced by physicians. We have active, on-going projects in cardiovascular disease and oncology research. While we are perhaps most noted for our work in early detection of diseases, there are a large number of clinical questions that we are exploring and which we believe can have a meaningful impact on patient care. Our aptamer-based biochip technology is a powerful platform for the rapid discovery and assaying of multiple biomarkers that are associated with various diseases and other pathological states. The aptamer-based biochip technology is both a discovery tool and is routinely used to perform single or multi-marker assays using the biomarkers which have been discovered and validated on the Biomarker System.


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