Genome-wide analysis on post-transcriptional RNA regulation

Woong-Yang Park

College of Medicine, Seoul National University

2007. 3. 21

301-421, 11:00 AM


One-fourth of all functionally annotated human genes are coding nucleic-acid binding proteins. Genome-wide analysis on their dimensions has not yet been investigated against most of these proteins. Especially post-transcriptional regulations of RNA like splicing, editing, nonsense mRNA decay are now proposed to be an important mechanism for the neuronal function, but the limited information RNA-binding proteins restricts a comprehensive understanding of these protein functions. UV cross-linking is a method typically used to determine the position of direct interactions between proteins and nucleic acids. Cross-linking and immunoprecipitation assay can exploit the covalent protein-nucleic acid cross-linking to stringently purify a specific protein-RNA complex using immunoprecipitation followed by SDS-PAGE separation. RNA tags from RNA binding proteins can be analyzed by high throughput genotyping and sequence analysis, which will enable us to understand their functions in detail.


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