Discovery of Gene Regulatory Modules by Computational Methods

Je-Gun Joung

BTI, Cornell Universityr

2009. 1. 22

301-412, 11:00 AM


Transcription Factors (TFs) and MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in gene regulation and are regarded as key components in gene regulatory networks. Systematically understanding their functional roles is essential to elucidate the transcriptional mechanisms of complex biological systems.

Here, we propose the genome-wide analysis based on the computational methods to identify the gene regulatory modules of TFs and miRNAs that are associated with the core regulatory motifs involved in the corresponding biological processes. We applied our method to datasets of diverse sources consisting of molecular target binding information, promoter sequences, transcriptional regulatory motifs and gene expression profiles. The proposed method allows us to detect functionally correlated gene regulatory modules involved in specific biological processes. Furthermore this approach can provide hypothetical gene regulatory circuits for functional testing that represent transcriptional events of TFs and miRNAs involved in gene regulatory pathways.



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