Bio/Nano Technology for Nanostructure Self-Assembly and Molecular Computation

Jin-Woo Kim

Institute for Nanoscale Materials Science and Engineering,

University of Arkansas

2009. 7. 8

302-209, 11:00 AM


Dr. Kim will discuss his research in the area of Bio/Nano Technologywith particular emphasis on nucleic acid technology, nano-scale bio/abio interfacing technology, and hybrid nanobiotechnology. In particular, he will focus on some of his research relevant to computer scientists as well as biological engineers, including: (1)developing DNA memories to store biological and non-biological information, in which information is encoded into DNA sequences and retrieved through template-matching hybridization reactions and (2) achieving functional and directional controls over nanoscale building blocks, enabling active controls over molecular assembly processes as well as computations at the nanometer scale. These researches would not only contribute to realize the potentials of molecular computation but also benefit molecular electronic industries by making nanotechnology more manufacturable, more practical, and more functional. Also these technologies would be useful resources to the researchers in biology and medicine, such as biosensing and medical diagnosis. He will also briefly discuss his research to integrate and interface micro- and nano-scale biological and abiological materials and to develop bio-hybrid devices.



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