Human Computer Interaction on Pen-Computing

   September 162013, 10 AM

302- 309



We are mainly studying the way to use human handwriting with pen-tablet system. Since we have the knowledge of the writing order of a character using the system, it is easier to analyze the handwriting and to develop various applications. The topics are as follows:

On-line stroke-order and Stroke-number free character recognition, Signature verification, Studying the effect of alcohol to signing, Signature evaluation, Kanji (Chinese characters in Japanese) learning System, Handwritten style font generation system (Handwriting synthesis with one's style), Oriental writing brush implementation (3D virtual brush), and 3D Character recognition using Wii controller and Kinect sensor. Based upon the above researches in handwriting analysis, we are also studying on image retrieval system and material/biomedical image analysis. For the image retrieval system, we are studying on the use of pen-tablet system. By simplifying input process using the system, we are aiming the higher accuracy and faster searching speed.