Anticipating the future of software

November 9,  2015, 11 am




In the words of Netscape founder Marc Andreessen, software is in the process of “eating the world”. In industry after industry, companies that lack deep expertise in software are being out-competed and driven from the market, despite their other strengths and advantages. But how is software likely to change, in the years ahead?

This talk considers how much it is possible to predict, in advance, the areas within software which will become more critical over the next five years – the areas where weak skills may result in the downfalls of formerly great companies. Which software trends are likely to accelerate in importance? How will software co-evolve with the other major disruptive trends between now and 2020? And what processes should be put in place in the short-term, in anticipation of unexpected developments happening in the medium term?

Topics featured in this talk include: automation and artificial intelligence, robots and drones, connected vehicles and connected homes, security and privacy, augmented and virtual reality, software engineering productivity, technical and strategic debt, and coping with uncertainty.