Where is the social robotics revolution heading:

 An insider perspective

   November 16, 2017, 11AM

302- 106




Never before in the history of robotics, social robots have been so close to us, in our society. We are ‘evolving’, so as our society, lifestyle and the needs. AI has been with us for decades, and now embodied in robots, penetrating more in our day-to-day life. All these are converging towards creating a smarter eco-system of living, where social robots will coexist with us in harmony, for a smarter, healthier, safer and happier life. Such robots are supposed to be socially intelligent and behave in socially expected and accepted manners. This key technological need poses the next big R&D challenge. The talk will reinforce that robots have a range of potential societal applications, and that as a robotics industry, SoftBank Robotics’ R&D and Innovation is around the centrality of wellbeing of people. The first part of the talk will illustrate some of the use cases and the market analysis. The second part will present the feedback and needs from the real users, highli ghting some of the immediate R&D challenges. The talk will conclude with some open and grand challenges ahead, including social and ethical issues. Overall, the talk will reinforce the message that the aspects of natural, social and more intuitive behaviors and interfaces for a social human-robot interaction are still very interesting to explore and there is a great need of a bigger and multi-disciplinary community.