Danny van Noort

Biointelligence Lab (BI)
School of Computer Sci. and Eng.
Seoul National University
Seoul 151-742, Korea

Office: 138-410
Phone: +82-2-880-9131
Fax: +82-2-883-9120
E-mail: danny@bi.snu.ac.kr
Personal home page: http://bi.snu.ac.kr/~danny
Research interests: DNA computing, Lab-on-a-chip

Work experience

Princeton University, USA, March 2002

Post Doctoral position at the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA.  The focus of this research is to construct DNA based computers in microflow reactors as to access evolutionary computing in vivo.

Fraunhofer Institute, Germany, March 2000 – March 2002

Post Doctoral and Senior Research position at the department of BioMolecular Information Processing at GMD (German Institute for Information Technology, now Fraunhofer Institute).  The focus of the research was on constructing a re-programmable DNA-computer in a micro-fluidic system.  Tools used to solve this problem were DNA photo immobilisation, hybridisation, flow simulations, fluorescence imaging, robotics.

Linköpings University, Sweden, February 1996 – February 2000

PhD position at applied physics, Linköpings University, Sweden.  Thesis title is: Affinity biosensors with porous and multi-array surfaces.  The goal of the research was to improve the detection limits in high throughput screening.  Various methods ((imaging) ellipsometry, (imaging) surface plasmon resonance, quartz microbalance, fibre optics, biochips, robots) as affinity biosensors have been used to detect small molecule binding to receptors molecules on silicon and gold surfaces as well as protein chips.  I obtained my PhD on the 30th of November 1999.

Loránd Eötvös University, Hungary, MARCH 1994 – July 1995

Working as a research assistant at the Eötvös University in Budapest, Hungary.  Here I did research on proton conduction in water networks, as found in living systems, by means of computer simulations (on PC and IBM workstation in C).  Also the structure was measured of water treated with external influences (e.g. micro-wave, radio-frequency radiation).  The application was cancer treatment. 

Inter-Rest Kft., Hungary, October 1993 – May 1995

Working at Inter-Rest Kft. in Budapest Hungary.  This company makes decial equipment to treat cancer, with methods such as hyperthermia, direct-current therapy and prostate therapy.  Here I wrote software (in Turbo Pascal and C) for the GUI and to control the equipment; wrote, edited and made the layouts of manuals; contributed to, edited and made the layouts of scientific publications; corrected English texts; made designs for the machines and logos; gave an invited lecture in Sydney (Australia); was advisor to the director.

Technical university of Budapest, Hungary, September 1992 – August 1993

Working at the Technical University of Budapest as researcher assistant.  The main interest was further study of neural networks.  The application consisted of extracting blood cells digitised images and classifying the white blood cells in seven categories.  Simulations were performed on PC and Sun IPC (in Turbo/Sun C).

Opticon Sensors Europe, the Netherlands, July 1990 - July 1992

Working at R&D department of Opticon Sensors Europe in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, developing algorithms and software for optical character recognition (PC and Sun IPX, in Turbo/Microsoft/Sun C) by means of matrix-matching and neural networks.  The last half year I was project leader over a team of 5 people (electronics, mechanics, optics, design and quality control).

Adviesburo de Straat, the Netherlands, November 1989 – July 1990

Working at Adviesburo de Straat in Delft, the Netherlands, as technical-administrative employee at the environmental department.

Leiden University, the Netherlands, November 1988 – May 1989

Research assistant in the research group of Dr. A. J. van Duyneveldt at the Kamerlingh Onnes Lab. in Leiden, the Netherlands, with the tasks of adjusting the acquisition system and assisting researchers from abroad with their experiments.

June 1988 – September 1988

Working as counsellor in a children summer camp and travelling the U.S.A.

PTT, the Netherlands, June 1983 – May 1988

Working every Saturday (and later Wednesday) at the P.T.T. as postman in Rotterdam and Leiden, the Netherlands.

September 1977 – August 1983

Organising and leading summer camps, weekends and days for the preservation of nature reservations, under the auspicious of the I.V.N. (Institute for Nature Preservation) and Vogelwacht Ablasserward (Bird Monitors)  the Netherlands.

Publication list


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