Members of Biointelligence Lab

Faculty & Staff

  • Byoung-Tak Zhang (Principal investigator)
  • Yumi Yi (Administrative assistant)
  • Minsu Lee (Research Assistant Professor)
  • Jinah Kim (Research Assistant Professor)
  • Dharani Punithan (Post-Doctoral Researcher)
  • Jihye Jung (Administrative assistant)

PhD Candidates

  • Ji-Hoon Lee (In vitro DNA hypernetworks for language learning)
  • Chung-Yeon Lee (Memory and thinking models for cognitive agents that learn everyday life)
  • Jiseob Kim (Deep manifold learning from large-scale video data)
  • Beom-Jin Lee (Teaching humanoid robots to generate human-like eye-movements and gestures)
  • Hyo-Sun Chun (Molecular computing of multimodal hypernetworks for cognitive development )
  • Dasom Baek (In vitro evolutionary learning with molecular hypernetworks)
  • Patrick Mokodir Emaase (Deep hypernetworks for daily activity learning and inference from multisensory streams)
  • Kyung-Wha Park (Human-like lifelong learning in wearable smart glasses)
  • Kyoung Woon On (Intrinsic Structure Learning of Sequential Data for Video Understanding)
  • Je-Hwan Ryu (Model based reinforcement learning)
  • Yu-Jung Heo (Constructive learning of shared knowledge representations from multimodal sensor streams)
  • Dong-Sig Han (Episodic memories learned for multimodal Q&A in personal robots)
  • Taehyeong Kim (Reinforcement-learning cognitive agents with intrinsic motivation)

PhD Students

  • Jaeseon Lee (Evolutionary learning of cooperative behaviors of multiple agents)
  • Seong-Ho Choi (Deep story embedding using hierarchical memory networks)
  • Kibeom Kim (Perception-action cycle learning with deep neural networks for home robots)
  • Joonho Kim (Reinforcement Learning and GAN)
  • Inwoo Hwang

MS Students

  • Delilah Hollweg (Deep hypernetwork models for multimodal-based learning)
  • Seungjae Jung (Zero-shot learning for multimodal interaction)
  • Seonil Son (Deep generative models for learning sequential data)
  • Hyungsuk Lim (Deep imitation learning of human behaviors for home robots)
  • Gicheon Kang (Learning and reasoning for visual Q&A)
  • Woosuk Choi (Learning and Reasoning for intersection of vision and language)
  • Chris Hickey
  • Junseok Park
  • Injune Hwang (Active developmental learning of concepts for cognitive robots)
  • Hyundo Lee (Deep generative models for human-like generalization)
  • Youwon Jang
  • Yunsung Kim
  • Won-Seok Choi (Deep generative model for predicting states of agent)
  • Bjorn Bebensee  (Deep learning-based natural language processing)
  • Iljae Kwon (Model Generalization & Reinforcement Learning)
  • Hyunseo Kim (Self- supervised learning for multi-sensory inputs)
  • Ahjeong Seo  (How to improve learning relationship between video and texts for VQA)
  • Hojun Song
  • Minji Kim
  • Youngjae Yoo
  • Jaein Kim
  • Chansuk Lee
  • Ganghun Lee
  • Hyukgi Lee


Former Members

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