Private Project Seminar - Molecular Evolutionary Computing(MEC), 2001


D.-Y. Cho, D. Kim, S.-Y. Shin, H.-W. Lim, I.-H. Lee, J.-E. Yun, J.-Y. Lee, J.-Y. Park, H.-M. Jang

Date Title Speaker
02/08 * Solution of Satisfiability Problem on a Gel-Based DNA computer J.-Y. Park[PPT]
03/02 * Solving TSP
* DNA Implementation of a Royal Road Fitness Evaluation
J.-Y. Lee[PPT]
J.-Y. Park[PPT]
03/16 * Intelligent DNA Chips: Logical Operation of Gene Expression Profiles on DNA Computers D.-Y. Cho[PPT]
04/06 * To Make a Molecular Theorem Prover I.-H. Lee[PPT]
04/12 * Overview on Real-Time PCR J.-Y. Lee[PPT]
04/19 * Multiple Word DNA Computing on Surfaces D.-Y. Cho[PPT]
05/24 * DNA Computing: implementation of data flow logical operations S.-Y. Shin[PPT]
06/05 * Molecular Implementation of Theorem Prover I.-H. Lee[PPT]
06/20 * Report on DNA7 S.-Y. Shin[PPT]
06/28 * Three Dimensional DNA Structures in Computing
* Experimentarl Result of TSP
I.-H. Lee[PPT]
J.-Y. Lee[PPT]
07/20 * New Representation for Resolution Refutation I.-H. Lee[PPT]
07/27 * Experimentarl Result of TSP J.-Y. Lee[PPT]
08/03 * Solving TSP with PNA
* Nearest Neighbor Model for TM
S.-Y. Shin[PPT]
08/10 * Solving TSP with Whiplash PCR
* Report on 9th ISMB
I.-H. Lee[PPT]
J.-Y. Park[PPT]
08/17 * Applications on Lab-on-a-chip J.-Y. Lee[PPT]
08/24 * Fitness Measures for DNA Computing
* The Inference via DNA Computing
S.-Y. Shin[PPT]
D.-Y. Cho[PPT]
09/07 * Version Space Learning H.-W. Lim[PPT]
09/14 * Real Value Representation for DNA Computing S.-Y. Shin[PPT]
09/21 * Wet (DNA) Computing J.-Y. Lee[PPT]
10/12 * Theory for DNA Computing
* Version Space using DNA Computing
D. Kim[PPT]
H.-W. Lim[PPT]
10/26 * Version Space using DNA Computing
* Using Lateral Capillary Forces to Compute by Self-assembly
H.-W. Lim[PPT]
I.-H. Lee[PPT]
11/02 * NACST - Progress Report
* Using three-dimensional microfluidic networks for solving computationally hard problems
S.-Y. Shin[PPT]
J.-Y. Lee[PPT]
11/16 * Version Space using DNA Computing (example)
* The Future for Stem Cell Research
H.-W. Lim[PPT]
J.-Y. Park[PPT]
11/23 * Machine Learning Framework for DNA Computing S.-Y. Shin[PPT]
12/07 * Version Space의 실험적 고찰
* Solving TSP on Lab-on-a-chip
H.-M. Jang[PPT]
J.-Y. Lee[PPT]
12/14 * A DNA Computing Readout Operation based on Structure-Specific Cleavage
* Channeling TSP Chip
J.-Y. Park[PPT]
I.-H. Lee[PPT]
12/21 * Additional Fitness Measures for Sequence Generation S.-Y. Shin[PPT]
12/28 * Enzymology of Recombinant DNA - Summary
* Problems of Theorem Proving
J.-Y. Lee[PPT]
I.-H. Lee[PPT]

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