Papers in Tenth International Meeting on DNA Computing(DNA10)

June 7-10, 2004, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy


D.-Y. Cho, H.-W. Lim, H.-Y. Jang, I.-H. Lee, J.-Y. Lee, J.-Y. Park, S. D. Kim, K.-R. Shin, M.-H. Tak, S.-K. Kim, K.-Y. Kim, S.-H, Lee, H.-S. Seok, J.-S. Kim

Date, Time and Place

From July 9, Every Tuesday and Thursday 19:30~, 301-421


Date Title Speaker
06/15 Towards "Wet" Implementation of Genetic Algorithm for Protein Engineering
K. Sakamoto, M. Yamamura and H. Someya
H.-Y. Jang
06/22 Designs for Autonomous Unidirectional Walking DNA Devices
P. Yin, A. J. Turberfield and J. H. Reif
K.-R. Shin
06/29 Characterization of Non-Crosshybridizing DNA Oligonucleotides Manufactured In Vitro
J. Chen, R. Deaton, M. Garzon, J. W. Kim, D. Wood. H. Bi, D. Carpenter and Y. Z. Wang
I.-H. Lee
07/09 Application of Mismatch Detection Methods in DNA Computing
C. Henkel, G. Rozenberg and H. Spaink
K.-R. Shin
07/09 DNA Extraction by Cross-Pairing PCR
G. Franco, C. Giagulli, C. Laudanna and V. Manca
M.-H. Tak
07/09 Design of an Autonomous DNA Nanomechanical Device Capable of Universal Computation and Universal Translational Motion
P. Yin, A. J. Turberfield, S. Sahu and J. H. Reif
S.-K. Kim
07/13 TileSoft: Sequence Optimization Software for Designing DNA Secondary Structure
P. Yin, B. Guo, C. Belmore, W. Palmeri, E. Winfree, T. H. LaBean and J. H. Reif
H.-Y. Jang
07/13 Methods for Manipulating DNA Molecules in a Micrometer Scale Using Optical Technique
Y. Ogura, T. Kawakami, F. Sumiyama, S. Irie, A. Suyama and J. Tanida
J.-Y. Park
07/15 Biomolecular Implementation of Computing Devices with Unbounded Memory
M. Cavaliere, N. Jonoska and N. C. Seeman
K.-Y. Kim
07/15 A Clocked DNA-Based Replicator
B. Yurke and D. Zhang
S.-H. Lee
07/15 Compact Error Resilient Computational DNA Tiling Assemblies
J. H. Reif, S. Sahu and P. Yin
H.-S. Seok
07/20 The Capacity of DNA for Information Encoding
V. Phan and M. Garzon
J.-S. Kim
[no PPT]
07/20 DNA-Based Computation Times
Y. Baryshnikov, E. Coffman and P. Momcilovic
D.-Y. Cho
07/20 Aqueous Computing with DNA Hairpin-Based RAM
N. Takahashi, A. Kameda, M. Yamamoto and A. Ohuchi
J.-Y. Lee
07/22 DNA Hybridization Catalysts and Catalyst Circuits
G. Seelig, B. Yurke and E. Winfree
S. D. Kim
[no PPT]
07/22 A Design for Cellular Evolutionary Computation by Using Bacteria
K. Wakabayashi and M. Yamamura
H.-W. Lim
07/22 A Weighted Insertion-Deletion Stacked-Pair Thermodynamic Metric for DNA Codes
A. G. D'yachkov, A. J. Macula, W. K. Pogozelski, T. E. Renz, V. V. Rykov and D. C. Torney
I.-H. Lee

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