Evolutionary Algorithm Seminar III

Genentic Programming - An Introduction

On the Automatic Evolution of Computer Programs and Its Applications

Wolfgang Banzhaf, Peter Nordin, Robert E. Keller and Frank D. Francone, 1998

9/12 Chap 1: Genetic Programming as Machine Learning D.Y.Cho
Chap 2: Genetic Programming and Biology S.Y.Shin
Chap 3: Computer Science and Mathematical Basics J.J.Kim
Chap 4: Genetic Programming as Evolutionary Computation J.G.Joung
Chap 5: Basic Concepts - The Foundation S.S.Lee
9/19 Chap 6: Crossover - The Center of the Storm D.Y.Cho
Chap 7: Genetic Programming and Emergent Order S.Y.Shin
Chap 8: Analysis - Improving Genetic Programming with Statistics J.J.Kim
Chap 9: Defferent Varienties of Genetic Programming J.G.Joung
Chap 10: Advanced Genetic Programming S.S.Lee
9/26 Chap 11: Implementation - Making Genetic Prgramming Work D.Y.Cho
Chap 12: Applications of Genetic Programming S.Y.Shin
Chap 13: Summary and Perspectives J.J.Kim
Appendix A, B J.G.Joung
Appendix C, D S.S.Lee